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Kroger SGS Social Responsibility Audit Content

A list of the questions in the Kroger audit checklist
SECTION A. Child Labour / Young Labour

A1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on child labour OR understand its requirements?
A2Does the factory have effective procedures to verify the age of worker at the time of recruitment?
A3Does the factory keep adequate age documents of workers such as ID copies and personnel records?
A4Is there any evidence identified that child labour is currently present at the factory?
A5Is there any evidence identified that child labour had been employed in the past at the factory?
A6Have young workers (between legal minimum age and 18) been protected?
A7Are laws or factory policies regarding Child Labour/Young Labour communicated to all employees?

SECTION B. Forced Labour

B1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on forced labour or understand its requirements?
B2Does the factory use any type of forced, prison, indentured, or bonded labor? (including slavery and human trafficking)
B3Do all workers sign legal employment contracts with the factory if required by law?
B4Is any restriction placed on leaving after working hours?
B5Are overtime works voluntary?
B6Are workers permitted time-off with doctor's certificate or note when sick or for maternity?
B7Is there any evidence apparent that security guards are/were used to discipline workers?

SECTION C. Discrimination

C1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on non-discrimination or understand its requirements?
C2Is there any evidence for the occurrence of discrimination in employment, promotion, compensation, welfare, dismissal or retirement, etc?
C3Do workers have access to and are familiar with procedures for filing complaints about discrimination?
C4Is there evidence of discrimination related to female workers?

SECTION D. Disciplinary Practice

D1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on disciplinary practices or understand its requirements?
D2Does the factory have documented,legal and reasonable disciplinary rules?
D3Does the factory provide an employee handbook with disciplinary policies documented?
D4Is there evidence the factory uses physical, verbal, sexual or psychological abuse in workplace?
D5Do workers have access to appeal in case of infractions/breaking of rules?
D6Are deductions from pay for infractions/breaking of rules legal?

SECTION E. Working Hours

E1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on working hours or understand its requirements?
E2Does the factory have written policy for working hours, rest, vacations and overtime in accordance with local legal requirement?
E3Does the factory communicate the policy on working hours, rest and vacations to all workers?
E4Does the factory maintain complete and consistent working hours records for at least 12 months?
E5Do the workers have at least one day (24 consecutive hours) off in seven days?
E6Do the hours worked including overtime hours comply with local regulation (daily , weekly, monthly)?
E7Do the workers have over 60 working hours per week unless authorized by local government?
E8Does the factory provide the legally required meal breaks?
Kroger SGS Social Responsibility Audit Content

A list of the questions in the Kroger audit checklist

SECTION F. Compensation

F1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on compensation and benefits or understand its requirements?
F2Does the factory have written policy on compensation and benefits and communicate to all workers?
F3Do all workers’ wages meet local minimum wages?(including trainees / apprentices / workers in probation period)
F4Does the factory maintain complete and consistent payroll records for all workers for at least 12 months?
F5Are workers paid the legally required overtime rates and wages?
F6Are wage slips given to workers and do they understand the wage breakdown?
F7Does the factory provide legally required benefits on annual leave?
F8Does the factory provide legally required benefits on maternity leave?
F9Does the factory provide legally required benefits on paid holidays?
F10Does the factory provide legally required benefits on social insurance?
F11Are workers' wages deducted for any reason other than tax, social security?Are these deductions fair, reasonable and legal?
F12Is the payment frequency legal?
F13Is there a sufficient system to let workers check/verify their wages?

SECTION G. Health & Safety

G1Does the factory have a copy of current National laws/regulations on health and safety or understand its requirements?
G2Is a senior management representative for health and safety appointed?
G3Does the factory arrange health and safety training for all workers? Does it include fire safety training?
G4Are accidents or daily injury recorded?
G5Does the factory have all legal required permits and approval for health and safety, including high risk equipment and its operators?
G6Is there valid construction approval where required by law?
G7Are all site buildings maintained in good physical condition?
G8Have allowable floor weights been determined (in the case of heavy machinery found on any upper floors), posted, and communicated to the relevant employees, if required by law?
G9Is potable water accessible and adequate on each factory floor?
G10Are lavatory facilities accessible, clean and available in reasonable number on each factory floor?
Buildings & Facilities
G11Where applicable, has the physical and structural integrity of all site buildings (including both production & dormitory) been inspected with a certificate from the government?
G12Where applicable, has the physical and structural integrity of all buildings been professionally assessed by an authorized organization?
G13Are there any industrial buildings converted from residential buildings?
G14Are there any multi-story dormitory buildings with a ground floor marketplace, commercial shop or have a flammable product storage area?
G15Is there valid fire license where required by law?
G16Does the Facility have a written fire emergency preparedness plan?
G17Does the facility have evacuation routes posted in the work areas (and in dormitories, if applicable)?
G18Are fire drills conducted twice a year (one in peak season and one in low season) and documented?
G19Does the factory have an adequate number of fire-fighting equipments (fire extinguisher, fire hydrant/fore hose, sprinkler, fire alarm and etc.) according to local laws?
G20Are all fire-fighting equipments inspected and tested regularly and ready to use at all times, are they well maintained?
G21Are appropriate fire extinguishers available, clearly marked, visible, and accessible?
G22Are fire and hazard early warning systems such as smoke detectors installed and regularly tested?
G23Are exit routs, exits and fire exits identified with signs or other indicator lights?
G24Are adequate emergency lights installed on each factory floor?
G25Is any fire exit and escape route blocked?
G26Is any emergency exit door locked?
G27Are emergency exit doors able to be opened without keys, tools or any special knowledge?
G28Are emergency exit doors able to be opened in one single motion?
G29Are the emergency exit doors slide, roll down or side hinged in inward direction?
Kroger SGS Social Responsibility Audit Content

A list of the questions in the Kroger audit checklist
G30Is there a secondary exit for all floors and buildings (including dormitories, if applicable) when required by local law?
G31Are hazardous and other areas appropriately posted with "No Smoking" signs?
G32Are gas cylinders properly marked, used, inspected, stored and secured?
G33Have any fire incidents taken place in the past 12 months at the facility?
G34Is there a named person(s) with overall responsibility for fire safety (i.e. Fire Coordinator)?
G35Are fire wardens appointed for each area?
G36Is additional training given to those persons with specific responsibilities in the event of a fire (e.g. Fire wardens, security)? If Yes, please provide the latest training date:           .
G37Are written records kept of this fire safety training?
Machinery, Dangerous Substance,etc.
G38Are adequate guarding or devices installed for moving/ rotating parts of machine, such as pulleys and belts, or any other dangerous parts of machines?
G39Where required, is machinery equipped with emergency stop buttons?
G40Is power isolation equipment (i.e. lockout/tagout) used during maintenance/ repair?
G41Is any instruction emphasized to prohibit loose clothing, jewelry or long hair near moving machinery?
G42Are electrical safety procedures implemented effectively to ensure safety precautions such as grounding, discharging and testing to be taken?
G43Is electrical equipment, wiring covered and insulated to prevent exposure of wires?
G44Are hazardous substances safely and properly labeled, handled, stored and disposed?
G45Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all chemicals in local language and accessible to employees?
G46Are machines equipped as necessary with appropriate dust and/or VOC extraction systems?
G47Are administration and engineering controls (reduced shift hours, ventilation fans and exhaust fans) introduced to reduce personnel exposure?
G48Are employees trained to handle the chemicals?
G49Are appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, glasses gloves, earplugs/earmuffs, boots or protective clothing provided at factory cost and in fully acceptable condition?
G50Are signs posted in all areas where personal protective equipment must be worn?
G51Does the factory have a suitable working environment with respect to ventilation, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, and tidiness?
G52Does the factory arrange regular health examinations for workers exposed to hazardous substances?
G53Is there adequate evidence to confirm that workers' health is not affected by hazardous factors?
G54Are functional emergency eyewash stations and showers provided where corrosive chemicals or high volumes of solvents are handled and used?
G55Are adequate first aid kits located on each factory floor and marked with signs?
G56Are an adequate number of workers trained in first aid?
G57If there are dormitories,are they clean, safe, properly equiped and sufficiently spacious?
G58If there are dormitories, are they  equipped sufficient shower and lavatories, and are they clean and useable?
G59Is any workers' dormitory located in the same building as the production and/or warehousing?
G60Are the childcare facilities located on the ground floor of the building?
G61Are dormitory rules legal, reasonable, and understood by the workers?
G62Are the factory kitchen and canteen clean and hygienic?
G63Does the kitchen/ cafeteria staff have appropriate food safety training and hygiene certificates?

SECTION H. Freedom of Association

To be continued......

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